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Jimmy Foresyth posted on 7/20/19
Rest in peace, cousin Louie Ross.

Terry Land Gallardo posted on 7/16/19
My mom was your babysitter and I remember you were with fondness. Her name was Ruth Land. Rest In Peace Ross.

Kim posted on 7/15/19
I know you had a very hard life maybe lots of things were your own fault making bad choices. But you had good qualities too. Tommy was your best friend I knew you would not last long after he past away. He looked after you for so long till he couldn’t anymore. You loved your wife Tina tried “your best “. You loved animals especially dogs. You loved to reminisce about trying out for the Dallas Cowboys multiple times they just didn’t know what they were missing. You were a lifeguard at Webb Airforce Base and when I was a little girl my brother a lifeguard too would take me to work with him and between you and all the others watching I got away with nothing and no one messed with me. I had to sit right by the the stand or you blew that whistle and yelled you were telling my mama. You were a proud volunteer firefighter. You had family you just lost them and they lost you. Rest now Louie and reminisce with Tommy and Tina and all your fur babies I am sure they were so happy to see you♥️