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T Barny posted on 5/12/19
The planet has lost a star. My heartfelt condolences to you.

Carol Bolton posted on 5/10/19
My dad (Don Plumb) took me out to visit the Lazy E Ranch during the summer of my 17th birthday. It was one of my most favorite summers ever. Each day I was given a new adventure along with many laughs and smiles. My dad was returning to Florida in 1975 when unfortunately he crashed. Flying alongside my dad was my husband's father,Johnny Bolton. We met through our dads funerals and have been married for 39 years. We often talk of Connie, his ranch and the absolutely breathtaking memorial he built in honor of our fathers. We are so very,very, sorry. Such a wonderful man. I can imagine the conversations being held with other Warbird pilots who greeted him in Heaven. Bob Bolton and Carol Plumb Bolton.

Henry Vinson JD posted on 5/10/19
I'm sorry to hear about Connie. He was a great man. I have fond memories of him. My heartfelt condolences to the Edwards family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Henry Vinson JD

Jack Esposito posted on 5/10/19
We lower our flags to this Texas icon as we did for his friend ( and my brother) Pete who we just lost in February. When your at Oshkosh and Connie asks you to come fly his PBY you know you have gained a man's respect and friendship ! They are off to join an elite group of aviator's and we will miss them dearly . With Respect and Condolences Jack Esposito

Robert A. Shiel posted on 5/9/19
Dear Brenda and Family, My deepest Sympathy for your loss. I met Connie at an EAA Convention a couple of years ago. My friend and I shared a table with Connie and TA at a known "watering hole" just outside of the EAA grounds. That chance meeting turned into a lifelong memory as Connie, with TA's poking, told story after story about his exploits, that I retell today. The next day TA spotted us on the runway and invited us on the Albatross prior to the days airshow. Connie's first words to me were, "wanna beer". When the air boss checked in on us, looking around, he was like "Who's flying this thing! ". Connie will be deeply missed. I am forever blessed to have known, and to have had a "couple" with the infamous, CONNIE EDWARDS.

Captain Michael Bishop (retired) posted on 5/9/19
Brenda although I only got to meet you twice briefly I know and you now that Connie now has unlimited fuel to fly for all time. No one will or can ever say he will not be missed as he was just such a larger than life memory. He will stay there for me in all the days the Lord gives me to roam this earth as the most unforgettable person I have ever meant! May God bless you and keep you close to His heart for all the days of your life. We already miss him here in San Marcos! Captain Michael Bishop (Ed Naused's Friend)

Rosemarie McGowan posted on 5/9/19
My dear Pze and Nicholas, Only God's hand could have led me to this page. Out of your lives long ago but never out of my heart. Connie was a dear friend who taught me how to live for others like he did. all of you created memories for me for a lifetime. Heartfelt prayers for your whole family. Rosemarie (wowee)

Ed. Naused posted on 5/8/19
Dear Brenda my deepest and heartfelt condolences for the loss of your great friend, confidant and loving husband, Connie Edwards. Wishing you and your family the strength to continue on as Connie would have wanted. I first met Connie on the ramp of Owen Roberts Airport, having walked up to him and asked if I could "hitch a ride with him on the Albatross". " sure ole friend" was his response.From then on it was always the same,"hey Ed ole friend". Connie was a hero pilot of mine from early on, having read of his exploits in magazines such as Air Classics. Over the years I never lost the strong feeling of wonder and good fortune at being able to call Connie Edwards; a Hero Pilot,,, My Friend. So Connie, remember to "keep the blue side up"...though now, with your new found wings, you can keep the blue any where you want it, but never forget the wonder, the joy and the sheer fun of flying. Take care "ole friend".

Gene Robinson posted on 5/8/19
"Men die, and cattle die, but glory lives forever in the fame of a man's deeds" --Ancient Norse proverb. My sincere condolences on the loss of your father.

Al & Pat Baldieri posted on 5/7/19
Brenda, we express our sorrow and condolences to you and your family. We pray you and your family find the fortitude to bear this great loss.

Debra Naused posted on 5/7/19
I knew Mr. Wilson "Connie" Edwards as an intense and indomitable man. Intense was his love of aviation and aircraft. His 85 years of life most likely can only be expressed through all of the people who met him and their stories of times spent with Connie. He was larger than life. Quite a character most would say. He took his work and love of flying seriously. He could made me laugh no matter how many times he told his stories. I wonder if we will ever be able to read a book about his life that covers his varied accomplishments and the in-depth details of his many mission's. I sure hope so. Privileged beyond my wildest dreams to have been able to meet him (through my brother, Ed), see the Castle and spend time learning about times in history and the making of the movie 'The Battle of Britain'. I will surely miss sitting and talking with him.

David Weissman posted on 5/7/19
I'll never forget the 4 years I worked at TSQ. I regret not having returned. I think of all of you often, Brenda, Connie, Quade, Cindy and others. My best wishes to all of you, Grace and Peace from God or Father. May Connie rest in peace with his beloved son Tex.

David J Roddy posted on 5/7/19
Deepest condolences to Brenda and entire family. Totally agree with others saying Connie has been "The most interesting man in the world". I never tired of his stories. I'll send you off like the day we met. I'll open a can to you tonight. Keep them cold my friend Dave Roddy

Sharad Muralidhar posted on 5/7/19
Dear Brenda, Gitanjali and I were saddened to hear of Connie's passing. She had the good fortune of sitting next to him on a flight to Verona and he kept her in splits the entire flight. May God give you and the family the equanimity and courage to bear this loss. RIP. God bless.

Alan Patino posted on 5/7/19
My condolences to the Edwards family. " my dear old friend " is what he use to say when he saw me. I had the privilege to know Connie for over 30 years in Cayman and will miss his laugh and stories. He was truly "The most interesting man in the world." Rest in peace .

Roger O'Day posted on 5/7/19
I will remember Connie as a jovial friend, who was an instant friend in 1987. I was privileged to work on the HU-16. Great trip to Oshkosh. Thank you for being a regular guy. Prayers to the family. Amen

M.L. posted on 5/7/19
Condolences to the entire family from the Cayman Islands. You will be missed.

Lionel Vincent Mougel posted on 5/7/19
My condolences for the loss of one true pilot and aviation legend. For the numerous times buzzing the ranch while flying around, it’s with a great respect that Connie’s life and career will always be an example and inspiration.

Tammy Waters posted on 5/7/19
Knowing Mr. Edwards and his daughter, Patricia has been a wonderful and remarkable experience. They befriended a stranger and made me feel welcome in Big Spring. His contribution to the community and to the world were extraordinary and spectacular, a true National hero!

Tracy Leeward Kuipers posted on 5/6/19
The Leeward Family has such fond memories of Connie. He took me on my first Albatross ride and I loved every minute of it! He will surely be missed. Blue skies.

Carl Wyrick posted on 5/6/19
Enjoyed the Webb experience of the Air Force association. Your patricipation was greatly appreciated. Lots of great flying stories. Was a great time! RIP my friend. Clear skies and tailwinds. Carl Wyrick Lt/Col USAF {ret}.

Kimi posted on 5/6/19
Connie was a great man, he had loved flying as that was his nber one thing to do besides traveling to the places he loved. He will be missed my many.He is now with his beloved son Tex Edwards as well as his best friend/brother Jimmy Moore last but not least his dachshund Waldo. God calls us home when our time is up we lived our life to the fullest. it's never goodbye It's I will see you again. We miss you Connie but always remember you did what God had In store for you on Earth and gained another Angel.

Bill Brooks posted on 5/6/19
Had many memorable times and events with Connie. He believed in me when others didn’t and provided me with opportunities that I would have never experienced otherwise. Rest In Peace my friend

Chris & Nikki McCoy posted on 5/6/19
Rest in Peace Connie, We will miss your visits to the Cayman Islands. You were an Ambassador to Cayman my friend. Prayers and Thoughts go out to your Family and Friends at this time of sorrow. We will always remember you.

Gayle Moore Abbott posted on 5/6/19
Connie will definitely be missed. There is much to be celebrated about his life because he achieved so very much. Personally, I just remember his adventurous spirit, the great stories he told, his wonderful wit and sense of humor, his generous hospitality and his kindness. I feel fortunate to have known him and pray that he is at peace, on to new adventures, and having a grand time with family and friends who transitioned before. Sending prayers, love and blessings to P.Z. and all of Connie's family.

Jim and Therese Owens posted on 5/6/19
Of all the people we've met in our lives Connie Edwards was among the most interesting and will doubtless be sorely missed by his many friends and his family. Sincere condolences to Brenda and the Edwards family.

Annette Woodward posted on 5/6/19
Although I never met Connie, he was a hero of mine. I learned of him through his lovely and loving daughter Patrica. Oh how her eyes sparkled when she talked about “Daddy”......her love. Our lives end. But our memories live forever and ever. The stories, the adventures and the unconditional love that will never be diminished will always remain. Listen closely Connie....many will be holding you in their heart and you will be hearing from them, sir.

John Sterling posted on 5/5/19
Our heartfelt condolences to the Edwards family from John and Kim Sterling in Honolulu. Fond recollections of my visit and phone conversations with Connie that began with “I’m still not coming to Hawaii!” With a chuckle afterwards. Connie was such an inspiration for me in much of what I do trying to preserve aviation history. Rest In Peace, my friend. John and Kim Sterling

Juan Rodriguez posted on 5/5/19
Sorry for your loss I work at the quarrel for many years he always treat us as friends instead of employees. He will be miss

Barbara Bass-Stevenson posted on 5/5/19
To the entire Edwards Family, My condolences to each of you for your loss. The handful of times that I saw Connie he treated me as if we had known each other for a long time. He was so nice and kind. Connie will be greatly missed. You are in my prayers.

Chuck Monson posted on 5/5/19
Sorry for your loss. Connie was such a great guy and interesting person. Prayers and sympathy to Brenda and the entire family for your. Loss. Chuck & Sherry Monson

Sandy posted on 5/5/19
father of my children good friend great man and will be so greatly missed. Love you Connie. Now you are with Connell give him a big hug from me. X

Terry Land Gallardo posted on 5/5/19
Brenda you’re in my prayers and my heart aches for you.

Lynda Thorpe posted on 5/5/19
I am truly thankful to have known Connie, he was a wonderful and funny person, he will be very much missed.

John & Christine posted on 5/5/19
With our sincere condolences to all the family. We unfortunately never managed to meet you Connie . Rest in Peace alongside your son Connell . With our deepest sympathy from Downing family all in the UK.

Kermit Weeks posted on 5/5/19
It was great having spent time with you! Best of Luck on your Continued Journey!

Todd & Tami Schnatzmeyer posted on 5/5/19
Our heartfelt prayers are with Connie and your family.

Bob Owsley posted on 5/4/19
Connie always welcomed me as a friend and offered me a cold beer and a great story from his life. He will be sorely missed.

Duke and Marsha Pointer posted on 5/4/19
Prayers and condolences to the family. Brenda, know that we are thinking of you. We love you and I am happy to have known and enjoyed Connie. He was special indeed. May he Rest in Peace! Love, Duke & Marsha

jo Ann Doom posted on 5/4/19
Thinking of you and praying for comfort & peace for you and family during the days ahead. Love Jo Ann O'Daniel Doom