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Brittany Fraley posted on 4/14/19
I remember every family event he was there, always beside Joyce and Vernon. It was apparent how much he loved and cared for his parents throughout his whole life. My girls and I are sending prayers to all our family in Midland we love and miss everyone very much.

Sheila Cook posted on 4/13/19
I love Mykikee very much. I carried on my hip when was in braces for his CP and went to some therapy given by Dr. Collins. I remember him wrestling with his brother Matt, and his arm locking around Matt’s neck. He had no control on the arm and it took both parents to get him loose. We went to the park across from their house, and I took care of both boys when Joyce and Vernon went out on their motorcycle. I have many fond memories of my cousins, and they will last forever. I love you Mike, tell my mom and dad I miss them. God bless your family Mykikee.

Joey Pinard posted on 4/12/19
Every memory that I have of Mike Syler was so full of laughter, he always had an award winning smile, that I will deeply miss. Growing up with him was a blessing beyond measure. We had so much fun. Thank you Mike for a lifetime of great memories.

Richard Marshall posted on 4/12/19
Mike Syler is my best friend. He was apart of my life every day. He was there when ever I needed him. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for me and my family. He was the type of man that you could talk to and he would listen and take it upon himself to help you with anything. If I mentioned my grass was getting tall, when I would get home the next day my grass was cut and weeded. If something broke and I was a little short on cash he would go get what was needed to fix it and want nothing in return. Having Mike as a friend was a blessing and a privilege. I loved him like a brother. I will miss him everyday