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Ellen posted on 10/24/14
Val and Maggie - my deepest condolences to you, your kids, and your grandparents. I have fond memories when I think of your dad. He was always giving me a hard time about being short and asking me why I didn't use more Miracle Grow. Of course, most anyone who was around was short compared to you all! He spent many a night driving us around in high school, whether it was home from basketball, out to pizza, or around and home after the Coronado football games. My folks never had to worry about me because your father was driving us around and making sure we made it home safely - no matter the hour. I know this is a difficult time, but I am thankful your father is finally at peace. God bless you all. Love you. Ellen

Ernest Cummings posted on 10/16/14
Maggie, we are praying for you. WE are sorry for your loss. We love you

Scot and Jonni Belden posted on 10/16/14
Our hearts share your pain. So sorry for your loss Maggie. We love you.

Mary Todd posted on 10/16/14
Hey Mags, Hey Val... You've been on my mind and in my heart sister girls. Thanks for sharing your pop for all these years. I have a ton of special memories of my other dad, but mostly I remember the way he was always glad to see me (and I was always glad to see him!). He would hug me tight and lift me off the ground every time and then hold me out at arms' length and say, "Moose, ya look good," and I'd say, "Really? You're not just sayin' that?" and he'd come up with some very specific evidence to convince me. JerBear was present for nearly every milestone event in my life - the sparkly, proud ones, and the tarnished and difficult ones. What I will always remember, more than anything else is how he made me feel loved and special. I hope he knows I loved him like that, too. I will miss him...

maddie maehl posted on 10/15/14
I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Jerry Wood. I always enjoyed when Jerry came over to Sara's as he liked to jokingly tease me. He liked to laugh and was always full of tidbits of information. He was never without a large cup of something to drink. I sure miss the "old" Jerry. I only pray that he is in loving arms of our Lord and Savior. God love him. And may the family be comforted by memories they can always cherish. Maddie

Beth Wilson posted on 10/15/14
I am so sorry for your loss Maggie. I know this leaves an empty place in your life, but God will find many wonderful memories to fill the void. My prayers are being raised for your Dad and family. May God bless you all.

Marta Connally posted on 10/15/14
I am sure sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. He was a really swell guy who made many laugh. My heart goes out to Maggie and Val. I hope to pay my respects on the 25th. Love you both!