Funeral Planning

Here at Nalley-Pickle & Welch Funeral Home, it’s a tradition for families to plan their funerals of a loved one together. We welcome the thoughts and suggestions of all family members as we help them arrange a tribute that truly honors the life that has been lived.

We provide a funeral planning checklist along with other forms to encourage families to start the process through our online funeral planning site. However you decide to begin, we are here to assist and support you as you create a meaningful farewell.

funeral-arrangements-smallFuneral Arrangements

A fitting tribute has many elements, including the type of service, traditional burial, cremation, and flower arrangements.
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funeral-services-smallFuneral Services

The West Texas community represents a wide variety of faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

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Memorial OptionsMemorial Options

Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, the ways you can commemorate your loved one are almost endless.
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funeral-selections-smallFuneral Selections

We are all different, all unique. So the tribute you plan should be just as unique

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